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package status

import "github.com/wallyworld/juju/payload/status"


Package Files

formatted.go formatter.go list.go output_tabular.go

func FormatTabular Uses

func FormatTabular(writer io.Writer, value interface{}) error

FormatTabular writes a tabular summary of payloads.

type FormattedPayload Uses

type FormattedPayload struct {
    // These fields are exported for the sake of serialization.
    Unit    string   `json:"unit" yaml:"unit"`
    Machine string   `json:"machine" yaml:"machine"`
    ID      string   `json:"id" yaml:"id"`
    Type    string   `json:"type" yaml:"type"`
    Class   string   `json:"payload-class" yaml:"payload-class"`
    Labels  []string `json:"tags,omitempty" yaml:"tags,omitempty"`
    Status  string   `json:"status" yaml:"status"`

FormattedPayload holds the formatted representation of a Payload.

func FormatPayload Uses

func FormatPayload(payload payload.FullPayloadInfo) FormattedPayload

FormatPayload converts the Payload into a FormattedPayload.

type ListAPI Uses

type ListAPI interface {
    ListFull(patterns ...string) ([]payload.FullPayloadInfo, error)

ListAPI has the API methods needed by ListCommand.

type ListCommand Uses

type ListCommand struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ListCommand implements the payloads command.

func NewListCommand Uses

func NewListCommand(newAPIClient func(c *ListCommand) (ListAPI, error)) *ListCommand

NewListCommand returns a new command that lists charm payloads in the current environment.

func (*ListCommand) Info Uses

func (c *ListCommand) Info() *cmd.Info

func (*ListCommand) Init Uses

func (c *ListCommand) Init(args []string) error

func (*ListCommand) Run Uses

func (c *ListCommand) Run(ctx *cmd.Context) error

func (*ListCommand) SetFlags Uses

func (c *ListCommand) SetFlags(f *gnuflag.FlagSet)

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