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package manual

import "github.com/wallyworld/juju/provider/manual"


Package Files

config.go credentials.go environ.go init.go instance.go instance_information.go provider.go storage.go


const (
    // BootstrapInstanceId is the instance ID used
    // for the manual provider's bootstrap instance.
    BootstrapInstanceId instance.Id = "manual:"

type ManualProvider Uses

type ManualProvider struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ManualProvider contains the logic for using a random ubuntu machine as a controller, connected via SSH.

func (ManualProvider) CloudSchema Uses

func (p ManualProvider) CloudSchema() *jsonschema.Schema

CloudSchema returns the schema for verifying the cloud configuration.

func (ManualProvider) CredentialSchemas Uses

func (ManualProvider) CredentialSchemas() map[cloud.AuthType]cloud.CredentialSchema

CredentialSchemas is part of the environs.ProviderCredentials interface.

func (ManualProvider) DetectCredentials Uses

func (ManualProvider) DetectCredentials() (*cloud.CloudCredential, error)

DetectCredentials is part of the environs.ProviderCredentials interface.

func (ManualProvider) DetectRegions Uses

func (p ManualProvider) DetectRegions() ([]cloud.Region, error)

DetectRegions is specified in the environs.CloudRegionDetector interface.

func (ManualProvider) FinalizeCredential Uses

func (ManualProvider) FinalizeCredential(_ environs.FinalizeCredentialContext, args environs.FinalizeCredentialParams) (*cloud.Credential, error)

FinalizeCredential is part of the environs.ProviderCredentials interface.

func (ManualProvider) Open Uses

func (p ManualProvider) Open(args environs.OpenParams) (environs.Environ, error)

func (ManualProvider) Ping Uses

func (p ManualProvider) Ping(ctx context.ProviderCallContext, endpoint string) error

Ping tests the connection to the cloud, to verify the endpoint is valid.

func (ManualProvider) PrepareConfig Uses

func (p ManualProvider) PrepareConfig(args environs.PrepareConfigParams) (*config.Config, error)

PrepareConfig is specified in the EnvironProvider interface.

func (ManualProvider) Validate Uses

func (p ManualProvider) Validate(cfg, old *config.Config) (valid *config.Config, err error)

func (ManualProvider) Version Uses

func (ManualProvider) Version() int

Version is part of the EnvironProvider interface.

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