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package rackspace

import "github.com/wallyworld/juju/provider/rackspace"


Package Files

credentials.go environ.go errors.go firewaller.go flavors.go init.go instance_information.go networking.go provider.go provider_configurator.go

func IsAuthorisationFailure Uses

func IsAuthorisationFailure(err error) bool

IsAuthorisationFailure determines if the given error has an authorisation failure.

type Credentials Uses

type Credentials struct {

Credentials represents openstack credentials specifically tailored to rackspace. Mostly this means that they're appropriate for the v2 API, and thus there's no domain name.

func (Credentials) CredentialSchemas Uses

func (Credentials) CredentialSchemas() map[cloud.AuthType]cloud.CredentialSchema

CredentialSchemas is part of the environs.ProviderCredentials interface.

func (Credentials) DetectCredentials Uses

func (c Credentials) DetectCredentials() (*cloud.CloudCredential, error)

DetectCredentials is part of the environs.ProviderCredentials interface.

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