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package image

import ""


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func GetNotaryRepository Uses

func GetNotaryRepository(streams command.Streams, repoInfo *registry.RepositoryInfo, authConfig types.AuthConfig, actions ...string) (*client.NotaryRepository, error)

GetNotaryRepository returns a NotaryRepository which stores all the information needed to operate on a notary repository. It creates an HTTP transport providing authentication support. TODO: move this too

func NewBuildCommand Uses

func NewBuildCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command

NewBuildCommand creates a new `docker build` command

func NewHistoryCommand Uses

func NewHistoryCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command

NewHistoryCommand creates a new `docker history` command

func NewImageCommand Uses

func NewImageCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command

NewImageCommand returns a cobra command for `image` subcommands

func NewImagesCommand Uses

func NewImagesCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command

NewImagesCommand creates a new `docker images` command

func NewImportCommand Uses

func NewImportCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command

NewImportCommand creates a new `docker import` command

func NewLoadCommand Uses

func NewLoadCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command

NewLoadCommand creates a new `docker load` command

func NewPruneCommand Uses

func NewPruneCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command

NewPruneCommand returns a new cobra prune command for images

func NewPullCommand Uses

func NewPullCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command

NewPullCommand creates a new `docker pull` command

func NewPushCommand Uses

func NewPushCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command

NewPushCommand creates a new `docker push` command

func NewRemoveCommand Uses

func NewRemoveCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command

NewRemoveCommand creates a new `docker remove` command

func NewSaveCommand Uses

func NewSaveCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command

NewSaveCommand creates a new `docker save` command

func NewTagCommand Uses

func NewTagCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command

NewTagCommand creates a new `docker tag` command

func RunPrune Uses

func RunPrune(dockerCli *command.DockerCli, all bool) (uint64, string, error)

RunPrune calls the Image Prune API This returns the amount of space reclaimed and a detailed output string

func TagTrusted Uses

func TagTrusted(ctx context.Context, cli *command.DockerCli, trustedRef reference.Canonical, ref reference.NamedTagged) error

TagTrusted tags a trusted ref

func TrustedReference Uses

func TrustedReference(ctx context.Context, cli *command.DockerCli, ref reference.NamedTagged) (reference.Canonical, error)

TrustedReference returns the canonical trusted reference for an image reference

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