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package game

import "github.com/xiaonanln/goworld/components/game"


Package Files

GameService.go game.go restore.go

func GetGameID Uses

func GetGameID() uint16

GetGameID returns the current Game Server ID

func GetOnlineGames Uses

func GetOnlineGames() common.Uint16Set

GetOnlineGames returns all online game IDs

func Run Uses

func Run()

Run runs the game server

This is the main game server loop

type GameService Uses

type GameService struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*GameService) HandleCallEntityMethod Uses

func (gs *GameService) HandleCallEntityMethod(entityID common.EntityID, method string, args [][]byte, clientid common.ClientID)

func (*GameService) HandleCallNilSpaces Uses

func (gs *GameService) HandleCallNilSpaces(method string, args [][]byte)

func (*GameService) HandleCreateEntitySomewhere Uses

func (gs *GameService) HandleCreateEntitySomewhere(entityid common.EntityID, typeName string, data map[string]interface{})

func (*GameService) HandleGateDisconnected Uses

func (gs *GameService) HandleGateDisconnected(gateid uint16)

func (*GameService) HandleLoadEntitySomewhere Uses

func (gs *GameService) HandleLoadEntitySomewhere(typeName string, entityID common.EntityID)

func (*GameService) HandleMigrateRequestAck Uses

func (gs *GameService) HandleMigrateRequestAck(pkt *netutil.Packet)

func (*GameService) HandleNotifyClientConnected Uses

func (gs *GameService) HandleNotifyClientConnected(clientid common.ClientID, bootEid common.EntityID, gateid uint16)

func (*GameService) HandleNotifyClientDisconnected Uses

func (gs *GameService) HandleNotifyClientDisconnected(ownerID common.EntityID, clientid common.ClientID)

func (*GameService) HandleQuerySpaceGameIDForMigrateAck Uses

func (gs *GameService) HandleQuerySpaceGameIDForMigrateAck(pkt *netutil.Packet)

func (*GameService) HandleRealMigrate Uses

func (gs *GameService) HandleRealMigrate(pkt *netutil.Packet)

func (*GameService) HandleSrvdisRegister Uses

func (gs *GameService) HandleSrvdisRegister(pkt *netutil.Packet)

func (*GameService) HandleStartFreezeGameAck Uses

func (gs *GameService) HandleStartFreezeGameAck(dispid uint16)

func (*GameService) HandleSyncPositionYawFromClient Uses

func (gs *GameService) HandleSyncPositionYawFromClient(pkt *netutil.Packet)

func (*GameService) String Uses

func (gs *GameService) String() string



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