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package binutil

import "github.com/xiaonanln/goworld/engine/binutil"


Package Files

binutil.go unix.go


const (
    // FreezeSignal syscall used to freeze server
    FreezeSignal = syscall.SIGHUP

func Daemonize Uses

func Daemonize() *daemon.Context

func PrintSupervisorTag Uses

func PrintSupervisorTag(tag string)

func SetupGWLog Uses

func SetupGWLog(component string, logLevel string, logFile string, logStderr bool)

SetupGWLog setup the GoWord log system

func SetupHTTPServer Uses

func SetupHTTPServer(listenAddr string, wsHandler func(ws *websocket.Conn))

SetupHTTPServer starts the HTTP server for go tool pprof and websockets

func SetupHTTPServerTLS Uses

func SetupHTTPServerTLS(listenAddr string, wsHandler func(ws *websocket.Conn), certFile string, keyFile string)

SetupHTTPServerTLS starts the HTTPs server for go tool pprof and websockets

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