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package config

import "github.com/xiaonanln/goworld/engine/config"


Package Files


func Debug Uses

func Debug() bool

func DumpPretty Uses

func DumpPretty(cfg interface{}) string

DumpPretty format config to string in pretty format

func GetConfigDir Uses

func GetConfigDir() string

GetConfigDir returns the directory of goworld.ini

func GetConfigFilePath Uses

func GetConfigFilePath() string

GetConfigFilePath returns the config file path

func GetDispatcherIDs Uses

func GetDispatcherIDs() []uint16

GetDispatcherIDs returns all dispatcher IDs

func GetGameIDs Uses

func GetGameIDs() []uint16

GetGameIDs returns all game IDs

func GetGamesNum Uses

func GetGamesNum() int

GetGameNum returns the number of games

func GetGateIDs Uses

func GetGateIDs() []uint16

GetGateIDs returns all gate IDs

func GetGatesNum Uses

func GetGatesNum() int

GetGatesNum returns the number of gates

func SetConfigFile Uses

func SetConfigFile(f string)

SetConfigFile sets the config file path (goworld.ini by default)

type DebugConfig Uses

type DebugConfig struct {
    Debug bool

type DispatcherConfig Uses

type DispatcherConfig struct {
    BindIp    string
    BindPort  int
    Ip        string
    Port      int
    LogFile   string
    LogStderr bool
    HTTPIp    string
    HTTPPort  int
    LogLevel  string

DispatcherConfig defines fields of dispatcher config

func GetDispatcher Uses

func GetDispatcher(dispid uint16) *DispatcherConfig

GetDispatcher returns the dispatcher config

type GameConfig Uses

type GameConfig struct {
    BootEntity             string
    SaveInterval           time.Duration
    LogFile                string
    LogStderr              bool
    HTTPIp                 string
    HTTPPort               int
    LogLevel               string
    GoMaxProcs             int
    PositionSyncIntervalMS int
    BanBootEntity          bool

GameConfig defines fields of game config

func GetGame Uses

func GetGame(gameid uint16) *GameConfig

GetGame gets the game config of specified game ID

type GateConfig Uses

type GateConfig struct {
    Ip                     string
    Port                   int
    LogFile                string
    LogStderr              bool
    HTTPIp                 string
    HTTPPort               int
    LogLevel               string
    GoMaxProcs             int
    CompressConnection     bool
    CompressFormat         string
    EncryptConnection      bool
    RSAKey                 string
    RSACertificate         string
    HeartbeatCheckInterval int
    PositionSyncIntervalMS int

GateConfig defines fields of gate config

func GetGate Uses

func GetGate(gateid uint16) *GateConfig

GetGate gets the gate config of specified gate ID

type GoWorldConfig Uses

type GoWorldConfig struct {
    DispatcherCommon DispatcherConfig
    GameCommon       GameConfig
    GateCommon       GateConfig
    Dispatchers      map[int]*DispatcherConfig
    Games            map[int]*GameConfig
    Gates            map[int]*GateConfig
    Storage          StorageConfig
    KVDB             KVDBConfig
    Debug            DebugConfig

GoWorldConfig defines the total GoWorld config file structure

func Get Uses

func Get() *GoWorldConfig

Get returns the total GoWorld config

func Reload Uses

func Reload() *GoWorldConfig

Reload forces goworld server to reload the whole config

type KVDBConfig Uses

type KVDBConfig struct {
    Type       string
    Url        string // MongoDB
    DB         string // MongoDB
    Collection string // MongoDB
    Driver     string // SQL Driver: e.x. mysql
    StartNodes common.StringSet

KVDBConfig defines fields of KVDB config

func GetKVDB Uses

func GetKVDB() *KVDBConfig

GetKVDB returns the KVDB config

type StorageConfig Uses

type StorageConfig struct {
    Type       string // Type of storage (filesystem, mongodb, redis, mysql)
    Directory  string // Directory of filesystem storage (filesystem)
    Url        string // Connection URL (mongodb, redis, mysql)
    DB         string // Database name (mongodb, redis)
    Driver     string // SQL Driver name (mysql)
    StartNodes common.StringSet

StorageConfig defines fields of storage config

func GetStorage Uses

func GetStorage() *StorageConfig

GetStorage returns the storage config

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