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package gwutils

import "github.com/xiaonanln/goworld/engine/gwutils"


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func CatchPanic Uses

func CatchPanic(f func()) (err interface{})

CatchPanic calls a function and returns the error if function paniced

func NextLargerKey Uses

func NextLargerKey(key string) string

NextLargerKey finds the next key that is larger than the specified key, but smaller than any other keys that is larger than the specified key

func RepeatUntilPanicless Uses

func RepeatUntilPanicless(f func())

RepeatUntilPanicless runs the function repeatly until there is no panic

func RunPanicless Uses

func RunPanicless(f func()) (panicless bool)

RunPanicless calls a function panic-freely

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