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package kvdbtypes

import "github.com/xiaonanln/goworld/engine/kvdb/types"


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type Iterator Uses

type Iterator interface {
    Next() (KVItem, error)

Iterator is the interface for iterators for KVDB

Next should returns the next item with error=nil whenever has next item otherwise returns KVItem{}, io.EOF When failed, returns KVItem{}, error

type KVDBEngine Uses

type KVDBEngine interface {
    Get(key string) (val string, err error)
    Put(key string, val string) (err error)
    Find(beginKey string, endKey string) (Iterator, error)
    IsConnectionError(err error) bool

KVDBEngine defines the interface of a KVDB engine implementation

type KVItem Uses

type KVItem struct {
    Key string
    Val string

KVItem is the type of KVDB item

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