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package compress

import "github.com/xiaonanln/goworld/engine/netutil/compress"


Package Files

compress.go flate.go gwsnappy.go lz4.go lzw.go snappy.go zlib.go

type Compressor Uses

type Compressor interface {
    Compress(b []byte, c []byte) ([]byte, error)
    Decompress(c []byte, b []byte) error

func NewCompressor Uses

func NewCompressor(compressFormat string) Compressor

func NewFlateCompressor Uses

func NewFlateCompressor() Compressor

func NewGWSnappyCompressor Uses

func NewGWSnappyCompressor() Compressor

NewGWSnappyCompressor creates a new Compressor in gwsnappy format gwsnappy is an optimized version of snappy format, but strips many useless fields

func NewLz4Compressor Uses

func NewLz4Compressor() Compressor

func NewLzwCompressor Uses

func NewLzwCompressor() Compressor

func NewSnappyCompressor Uses

func NewSnappyCompressor() Compressor

func NewZlibCompressor Uses

func NewZlibCompressor() Compressor

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