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package types

import ""


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func GoTypeToParquetType Uses

func GoTypeToParquetType(src interface{}, pT *parquet.Type, cT *parquet.ConvertedType) interface{}

func JSONTypeToParquetType Uses

func JSONTypeToParquetType(val reflect.Value, pT *parquet.Type, cT *parquet.ConvertedType, length int, scale int) interface{}

func ParquetTypeToGoReflectType Uses

func ParquetTypeToGoReflectType(pT *parquet.Type, rT *parquet.FieldRepetitionType) reflect.Type

func ParquetTypeToGoType Uses

func ParquetTypeToGoType(src interface{}, pT *parquet.Type, cT *parquet.ConvertedType) interface{}

func StrIntToBinary Uses

func StrIntToBinary(num string, order string, length int, signed bool) string

order=LittleEndian or BigEndian; length is byte num

func StrToParquetType Uses

func StrToParquetType(s string, pT *parquet.Type, cT *parquet.ConvertedType, length int, scale int) interface{}

Scan a string to parquet value; length and scale just for decimal

func TypeNameToParquetType Uses

func TypeNameToParquetType(name string, baseName string) (*parquet.Type, *parquet.ConvertedType)

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