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package cachemode

import ""

Package cachemode provides ways to deal with different cache modes


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const (
    Unset       = iota // cache mode has not been set
    On                 // cache everything
    Development        // cache everything, except Amber, Lua, GCSS and Markdown
    Production         // cache everything, except Amber and Lua
    Images             // cache images (png, jpg, gif, svg)
    Small              // only cache small files (<=64KB) // 64 * 1024
    Off                // cache nothing
    Default     = On

Possible cache modes


var (
    // Names is a map of cache mode setting string representations
    Names = map[Setting]string{
        Unset:       "unset",
        On:          "On",
        Development: "Development",
        Production:  "Production",
        Images:      "Images",
        Small:       "Small",
        Off:         "Off",

type Setting Uses

type Setting int

Setting represents a cache mode setting

func New Uses

func New(mode string) Setting

New creates a CacheModeSetting based on a variety of string options, like "on" and "off".

func (Setting) String Uses

func (cms Setting) String() string

String returns the name of the cache mode setting, if set

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