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package pipe

import "github.com/yaronsumel/pipe"


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var (
    Stdin  = os.Stdin
    Stdout = os.Stdout
    Stderr = os.Stderr

used here to prevent os package import

func AsyncRead Uses

func AsyncRead(pipe io.Reader, bufSize int, stdDataChan chan StdData)

AsyncRead keeps reading from io.reader into buffer return data in stdData structure use in only with routine - ie go AsyncRead

func IsNamedPipe Uses

func IsNamedPipe() bool

IsNamedPipe checks whether valid pipe used

func Read Uses

func Read(pipe io.Reader, bufSize int) ([]byte, error)

Read reads from io.reader one chunk as defined as bufSize

type StdData Uses

type StdData struct {
    Data []byte
    Err  error

StdData is used as channel structure

type StdDataChannel Uses

type StdDataChannel chan StdData

StdDataChannel used for as async communication channel



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