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package gcss

import "github.com/yosssi/gcss"

Package gcss provides the CSS preprocessor.


Package Files

at_rule.go comment.go compile.go context.go declaration.go doc.go element.go element_base.go line.go mixin_declaration.go mixin_invocation.go parse.go selector.go variable.go version.go write.go


const Version = "GCSS 0.1.0"

Version is the version of GCSS.

func Compile Uses

func Compile(dst io.Writer, src io.Reader) (int, error)

Compile compiles GCSS data which is read from src and Writes the result CSS data to the dst.

func CompileFile Uses

func CompileFile(path string) (string, error)

CompileFile parses the GCSS file specified by the path parameter, generates a CSS file and returns the path of the generated CSS file and an error when it occurs.

func Path Uses

func Path(path string) string

Path converts path's extenstion into a GCSS file extension.

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