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package resample

import ""

Package resample implements resampling of PCM-encoded audio. It uses the SoX Resampler library `libsoxr'.

To install make sure you have libsoxr installed, then run:

go get -u

The package warps an io.Reader in a Resampler that resamples and writes all input data. Input should be RAW PCM encoded audio samples.

For usage details please see the code snippet in the cmd folder.


Package Files



const (
    // Quality settings
    Quick     = 0 // Quick cubic interpolation
    LowQ      = 1 // LowQ 16-bit with larger rolloff
    MediumQ   = 2 // MediumQ 16-bit with medium rolloff
    HighQ     = 4 // High quality
    VeryHighQ = 6 // Very high quality

    // Input formats
    F32 = 0 // 32-bit floating point PCM
    F64 = 1 // 64-bit floating point PCM
    I32 = 2 // 32-bit signed linear PCM
    I16 = 3 // 16-bit signed linear PCM


type Resampler Uses

type Resampler struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Resampler resamples PCM sound data.

func New Uses

func New(writer io.Writer, inputRate, outputRate float64, channels, format, quality int) (*Resampler, error)

New returns a pointer to a Resampler that implements an io.WriteCloser. It takes as parameters the destination data Writer, the input and output sampling rates, the number of channels of the input data, the input format and the quality setting.

func (*Resampler) Close Uses

func (r *Resampler) Close() (err error)

Close clean-ups and frees memory. Should always be called when finished using the resampler.

func (*Resampler) Reset Uses

func (r *Resampler) Reset(writer io.Writer) (err error)

Reset permits reusing a Resampler rather than allocating a new one.

func (*Resampler) Write Uses

func (r *Resampler) Write(p []byte) (i int, err error)

Write resamples PCM sound data. Writes len(p) bytes from p to the underlying data stream, returns the number of bytes written from p (0 <= n <= len(p)) and any error encountered that caused the write to stop early.



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