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Command eskip

This utility can be used to verify, print, update or delete eskip formatted routes from and to different data sources.

For command line help, enter:

eskip -help


Check if an eskip file has valid syntax:

eskip check routes.eskip

Print routes stored in etcd:

eskip print -etcd-urls

Print routes as JSON:

eskip print -json

Insert/update routes in etcd from an eskip file:

eskip upsert routes.eskip

Sync routes from an eskip file to etcd:

eskip reset routes.eskip

Delete routes from etcd:

eskip delete -ids route1,route2,route3

Delete all routes from etcd:

eskip print | eskip delete

Copy all routes in etcd under a different prefix:

eskip print | eskip upsert -etcd-prefix /skipper-backup

(Where -etcd-urls is not set for write operations like upsert, reset and delete, the default etcd cluster urls are used:,

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