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package scheduler

import ""

Package scheduler implements filter logic that changes the http request scheduling behavior of the proxy.

The proxy has as default an unbounded scheduler that does not limit inflight requests. Goroutines with parsed request data consume memory. The unbounded handler could spike in memory, if you have traffic on a backend that has too big response times. You can check the number of goroutines from skipper metrics, if you have this problem.

The scheduler filter package has two implementations of bounded queue, the lifo and lifoGroup filter. Both lifo filters will, use a last in first out queue to handle most requests fast and if skipper is in an overrun mode, it will serve some requests fast and some will timeout. This scheduler implementation makes sure that one route will not interfere with other routes, if these routes are not in the same scheduler group. LifoGroup has a user specified scheduler group and lifo will get a per route unique scheduler group.

Bounded schedulers were tested in Kubernetes with 3 proxy instances with 500m CPU and 500Mi memory resources. The load test was done with 500 requests per second to backends with 25 seconds latency and a second load test was done in parallel with 50 150 250 .. 1000 requests per second to backends with no additional latency. For the workload without additional latency there was no additional latency measurable. The memory was at maximum 350Mi with the bounded scheduler. The unbounded scheduler spiked in memory to above 500Mi, which caused an out of memory (OOM) kill by the operating system.

Bounded schedulers will respond to requests with server status error codes in case of overrun. The scheduler returns HTTP status code:

- 502, if it can not get a request from data structure fast enough
- 503, if the data structure is full and reached its boundary


Package Files

doc.go lifo.go


const (
    LIFOName      = "lifo"
    LIFOGroupName = "lifoGroup"

func NewLIFO Uses

func NewLIFO() filters.Spec

func NewLIFOGroup Uses

func NewLIFOGroup() filters.Spec

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