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package tracing

import ""

Package tracing provides filters to instrument distributed tracing.


Package Files

baggagetotag.go spanname.go tag.go


const (
    // SpanNameFilterName is the name of the filter in eskip.
    SpanNameFilterName = "tracingSpanName"

    // OpenTracingProxySpanKey is the key used in the state bag to pass the span name to the proxy.
    OpenTracingProxySpanKey = "statebag:opentracing:proxy:span"
const (
    BaggageToTagFilterName = "tracingBaggageToTag"

func NewBaggageToTagFilter Uses

func NewBaggageToTagFilter() filters.Spec

func NewSpanName Uses

func NewSpanName() filters.Spec

NewSpanName creates a filter spec for setting the name of the outgoing span. (By default "proxy".)


EXPERIMENTAL: this filter is experimental, and the name and the arguments can change until marked as stable.

func NewTag Uses

func NewTag() filters.Spec

NewTag creates a filter specification for the tracingTag filter.

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