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package auth

import ""

Package auth implements custom predicates to match based on content of the HTTP Authorization header.

This predicate can be used to match a route based on data in the 2nd part of a JWT token, for example based on the issuer.


    // one key value pair has to match
    example1: JWTPayloadAnyKV("iss", "", "email", "")
	-> "";
    // all key value pairs have to match
    example2: * && JWTPayloadAllKV("iss", "", "email", "")
	-> "";


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func NewJWTPayloadAllKV Uses

func NewJWTPayloadAllKV() routing.PredicateSpec

func NewJWTPayloadAllKVRegexp Uses

func NewJWTPayloadAllKVRegexp() routing.PredicateSpec

func NewJWTPayloadAnyKV Uses

func NewJWTPayloadAnyKV() routing.PredicateSpec

func NewJWTPayloadAnyKVRegexp Uses

func NewJWTPayloadAnyKVRegexp() routing.PredicateSpec

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