go-cty: github.com/zclconf/go-cty


ctyPackage cty (pronounced see-tie) provides some infrastructure for a type system that might be useful for applications that need to represent configuration values provided by the user whose types are not known at compile time, particularly if the calling application also allows such values to be used in expressions.
cty/convertPackage convert contains some routines for converting between cty types.
cty/functionPackage function builds on the functionality of cty by modeling functions that operate on cty Values.
cty/function/stdlibPackage stdlib is a collection of cty functions that are expected to be generally useful, and are thus factored out into this shared library in the hope that cty-using applications will have consistent behavior when using these functions.
cty/goctyPackage gocty deals with converting between cty Values and native go values.
cty/jsonPackage json provides functions for serializing cty types and values in JSON format, and for decoding them again.
cty/msgpackPackage msgpack provides functions for serializing cty values in the msgpack encoding, and decoding them again.

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