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package projs

import "github.com/zetamatta/vf1s/projs"


Package Files

project.go property.go

func EvalCondition Uses

func EvalCondition(s string) (bool, error)

type Properties Uses

type Properties map[string]string

func (Properties) EvalCondition Uses

func (properties Properties) EvalCondition(text string) (bool, error)

EvalCondition expands $(var) of text and evalute it as an equation.

func (Properties) Expand Uses

func (properties Properties) Expand(text string, onNotFound func(string) string) string

Expand replaces $(var) to the value of the property.

func (Properties) LoadProject Uses

func (properties Properties) LoadProject(projname string, log io.Writer) error

func (Properties) ReadProject Uses

func (properties Properties) ReadProject(r io.Reader, log io.Writer) error

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