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package cmd

import "github.com/zhenghaoz/gorse/cmd"

Package cmd provides commands for gorse. They are


Package Files

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func Main Uses

func Main()

Main is the main entry of gorse.

type Change Uses

type Change struct {
    ItemsBefore    int // number of items before change
    ItemsAfter     int // number of items after change
    FeedbackBefore int // number of feedback before change
    FeedbackAfter  int // number of feedback after change

Change contains information of changes after insert.

type Feedback Uses

type Feedback struct {
    UserId   int     // identifier of the user
    ItemId   int     // identifier of the item
    Feedback float64 // rating, confidence or indicator

Feedback is the feedback from a user to an item.

type Status Uses

type Status struct {
    FeedbackCount int // number of feedback
    ItemCount     int // number of items
    CommitCount   int // number of committed feedback

Status contains information about engine.

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