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package storagetest

import ""

Package storagetest tests blobserver.Storage implementations


Package Files


func CheckEnumerate Uses

func CheckEnumerate(sto blobserver.Storage, wantUnsorted []blob.SizedRef, opts ...interface{}) error

func Test Uses

func Test(t *testing.T, fn func(*testing.T) (sto blobserver.Storage, cleanup func()))

func TestOpt Uses

func TestOpt(t *testing.T, opt Opts)

type Opts Uses

type Opts struct {
    // New is required and must return the storage server to test, along with a func to
    // clean it up. The cleanup may be nil.
    New func(*testing.T) (sto blobserver.Storage, cleanup func())

    // Retries specifies how long to wait to retry after each failure
    // that may be an eventual consistency issue (enumerate, stat), etc.
    Retries []time.Duration

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