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package aggregates

import "github.com/zimmski/tavor/token/aggregates"


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type Len Uses

type Len struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Len implements a aggregation token that returns the length of a LenToken token

func NewLen Uses

func NewLen(token token.LenToken) *Len

NewLen returns a new instance of a Len token referencing the given LenToken token

func (*Len) Clone Uses

func (a *Len) Clone() token.Token

Clone returns a copy of the token and all its children

func (*Len) Parse Uses

func (a *Len) Parse(pars *token.InternalParser, cur int) (int, []error)

Parse tries to parse the token beginning from the current position in the parser data. If the parsing is successful the error argument is nil and the next current position after the token is returned.

func (*Len) Permutation Uses

func (a *Len) Permutation(i uint) error

Permutation sets a specific permutation for this token

func (*Len) Permutations Uses

func (a *Len) Permutations() uint

Permutations returns the number of permutations for this token

func (*Len) PermutationsAll Uses

func (a *Len) PermutationsAll() uint

PermutationsAll returns the number of all possible permutations for this token including its children

func (*Len) String Uses

func (a *Len) String() string

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