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package mymysql

import ""

Package mymysql provides MySQL client API and database/sql driver.

It can be used as a library or as a database/sql driver.

Using as a library

Import native or thrsafe engine. Optionally import autorc for autoreconnect connections.

import (
	_ "" // OR native
	// _ ""
	"" // for autoreconnect

Using as a Go sql driver

Import Go standard sql package and godrv driver.

import (
	_ ""


Package Files



autorcPackage autorc provides an auto reconnect interface for MyMySQL.
godrvPackage godrv implements database/sql MySQL driver.
mysqlPackage mysql is a MySQL Client API written entirely in Go without any external dependences.
nativePackage native is a thread unsafe engine for MyMySQL.
thrsafePackage thrsafe is a thread safe engine for MyMySQL.

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