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package frame

import "gitlab.com/jhfylling/gohttp2/frame"

Used to interpret []byte as frames and creates frames on the Http2frame format and creates header and data frames


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func NewDataFrame Uses

func NewDataFrame(payload []byte, streamIdentifier [4]byte, flags byte) []byte


Function creates a data frame and returns it as []byte

func NewHeaderFrame Uses

func NewHeaderFrame(payloadLength int, streamIdentifier [4]byte, flags byte) []byte

TODO: Implement easy to use flag structure *

Function creates first part of a header frame and returns it as []byte

type Http2frame Uses

type Http2frame struct {
    FrameType        byte
    Payload          []byte
    StreamIdentifier [4]byte
    Flags            byte
    Preface          bool

func InterPretFrame Uses

func InterPretFrame(frame []byte) Http2frame

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