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package arg

import ""


Package Files

arg.go currency.go number.go

type Arg Uses

type Arg struct {
    Key   string
    Value interface{}

Arg defaults argument.

func (Arg) String Uses

func (a Arg) String() string

String arg to string.

func (Arg) Val Uses

func (a Arg) Val() interface{}

Val gets valuet argument.

type Currency Uses

type Currency struct {
    Key    string
    Value  interface{}
    Format FormatCurrency
    // ISO 3-letter ISO 4217
    ISO string

Currency argument.

func (Currency) String Uses

func (a Currency) String() string

String gets string from currency.

func (Currency) Val Uses

func (a Currency) Val() interface{}

Val gets value currency.

type CurrencyOption Uses

type CurrencyOption func(*Currency)

CurrencyOption configures option.

func WithCurrencyFormat Uses

func WithCurrencyFormat(format FormatCurrency) CurrencyOption

WithCurrencyFormat sets format currency.

func WithCurrencyISO Uses

func WithCurrencyISO(iso string) CurrencyOption

WithCurrencyISO sets ISO 4217 code currecy.

type FormatCurrency Uses

type FormatCurrency int

FormatCurrency types format.

const (
    CurrencyFormat FormatCurrency = iota

Currency format.

type FormatNumber Uses

type FormatNumber int

FormatNumber format number.

const (
    NumberFormatUndefined FormatNumber = iota

format argument.

type Number Uses

type Number struct {
    Key    string
    Value  interface{}
    Format FormatNumber

Number argument.

func (Number) Configure Uses

func (n Number) Configure(opts ...NumberOption) Number

Configure number.

func (Number) String Uses

func (n Number) String() string

String number to string.

func (Number) Val Uses

func (n Number) Val() interface{}

Val gets number value.

type NumberOption Uses

type NumberOption func(*Number)

NumberOption configure number argument.

func WithNumberFormat Uses

func WithNumberFormat(format FormatNumber) NumberOption

WithNumberFormat sets format number.

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