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package croot

import ""

Package croot exposes a subset of the ROOT framework.


Package Files

branch.go branchelement.go cgoedm.go class.go croot.go file.go gendict.go hist.go leaf.go objarray.go object.go random.go root.go tree.go utils.go


const (
    STLT_NotSTL               STLType = 0
    STLT_STLvector                    = 1
    STLT_STLlist                      = 2
    STLT_STLdeque                     = 3
    STLT_STLmap                       = 4
    STLT_STLmultimap                  = 5
    STLT_STLset                       = 6
    STLT_STLmultiset                  = 7
    STLT_STLbitset                    = 8
    STLT_STLforwardlist               = 9
    STLT_STLunorderedset              = 10
    STLT_STLunorderedmultiset         = 11
    STLT_STLunorderedmap              = 12
    STLT_STLunorderedmultimap         = 13
    STLT_STLend                       = 14
    STLT_STLany                       = 300 /* TVirtualStreamerInfo::kSTL */
    STLT_STLstring                    = 365 /* TVirtualStreamerInfo::kSTLstring */

STLType values defined in ESTLType.h

const (
    DTK_Char                    DataTypeKind = 1
    DTK_UChar                                = 11
    DTK_Short                                = 2
    DTK_UShort                               = 12
    DTK_Int                                  = 3
    DTK_UInt                                 = 13
    DTK_Long                                 = 4
    DTK_ULong                                = 14
    DTK_Float                                = 5
    DTK_Double                               = 8
    DTK_Double32                             = 9
    DTK_char                                 = 10
    DTK_Bool                                 = 18
    DTK_Long64                               = 16
    DTK_ULong64                              = 17
    DTK_Other                                = -1
    DTK_NoType                               = 0
    DTK_Float16                              = 19
    DTK_Counter                              = 6
    DTK_CharStar                             = 7
    DTK_Bits                                 = 15 /* for compatibility with TStreamerInfo */
    DTK_Void                                 = 20
    DTK_DataTypeAliasUnsigned                = 21
    DTK_DataTypeAliasSignedChar              = 22

    DTK_NumDataTypes DataTypeKind = 23

DataTypeKind defined in TDataType.h -- EDataType

func RegisterType Uses

func RegisterType(v interface{})

RegisterType declares the (equivalent) C-layout of value v to ROOT so values of the same type than v can be written out to ROOT files

type Branch Uses

type Branch interface {
    GetAddress() uintptr
    GetClassName() string
    GetListOfLeaves() []Leaf
    GetLeaf(n string) Leaf


type BranchElement Uses

type BranchElement interface {


type Class Uses

type Class interface {

    GetBaseClass(class string) Class
    GetClassSize() int
    GetClassVersion() Version
    GetDataMember(name string) DataMember

func GetClass Uses

func GetClass(name string) Class

type DataMember Uses

type DataMember interface {

    GetArrayDim() int
    GetClass() Class
    GetDataType() DataType
    GetFullTypeName() string
    GetOffset() int
    GetTypeName() string

    IsaPointer() bool
    IsBasic() bool
    IsEnum() bool
    IsPersistent() bool
    IsSTLContainer() STLType

DataMember provides information about name of data member, its type, and comment field string.

type DataType Uses

type DataType interface {

    GetFullTypeName() string
    GetType() DataTypeKind
    GetTypeName() string
    Size() int
    Property() int64

DataType provides basic data type description.

type DataTypeKind Uses

type DataTypeKind int

DataTypeKind describes basic data types

type File Uses

type File interface {

    Cd(path string) bool
    Close(option string)
    GetFd() int
    Get(namecycle string) Object
    IsOpen() bool
    Write(name string, opt, bufsiz int) int

func OpenFile Uses

func OpenFile(name, option, title string, compress, netopt int) (File, error)

type H1F Uses

type H1F interface {

    AddBinContent(bin int, weight float64)
    GetBinContent(bin int) float64
    SetBinContent(bin int, value float64)

    Fill(value, weight float64) int
    FillN(data [][2]float64)

    GetBin(bin int) float64
    GetBinCenter(bin int) float64
    GetBinError(bin int) float64
    GetBinErrorLow(bin int) float64
    GetBinErrorUp(bin int) float64
    GetBinWidth(bin int) float64

    GetEntries() float64
    GetMean() float64
    GetMeanError() float64
    GetRMS() float64
    GetRMSError() float64


func NewH1F Uses

func NewH1F(name, title string, nbins int, xlow, xup float64) H1F

func NewH1FFrom Uses

func NewH1FFrom(name, title string, data []float64) H1F

type Leaf Uses

type Leaf interface {
    GetBranch() Branch
    GetLenStatic() int
    GetLeafCount() Leaf
    GetTypeName() string
    GetValuePointer() uintptr
    SetAddress(addr unsafe.Pointer)


type LeafD Uses

type LeafD interface {
    GetValue(idx int) float64


type LeafF Uses

type LeafF interface {
    GetValue(idx int) float64


type LeafI Uses

type LeafI interface {
    GetValue(idx int) float64


type LeafO Uses

type LeafO interface {
    GetValue(idx int) float64


type ObjArray Uses

type ObjArray interface {
    At(idx int64) Object
    GetSize() int64
    GetEntries() int64


type Object Uses

type Object interface {
    ClassName() string
    Clone(option Option) Object
    FindObject(name string) Object
    GetName() string
    GetTitle() string
    InheritsFrom(clsname string) bool
    Print(opt Option)

type Option Uses

type Option string

type ROOT Uses

type ROOT struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ROOT is the entry point to the ROOT system.

var GRoot *ROOT = nil

func (*ROOT) GetFile Uses

func (r *ROOT) GetFile(name string) File

func (*ROOT) GetVersion Uses

func (r *ROOT) GetVersion() string

type Random Uses

type Random interface {
    Gaus(mean, sigma float64) float64
    Rannorf() (a, b float32)
    Rannord() (a, b float64)
    Rndm(i int) float64


var GRandom Random = &randomImpl{C.CRoot_gRandom}

type STLType Uses

type STLType int

STLType describes STL collections and some std classes.

type Tree Uses

type Tree interface {

    Branch(name string, obj interface{}, bufsiz, splitlevel int) (Branch, error)
    Branch2(name string, objaddr interface{}, leaflist string, bufsiz int) (Branch, error)
    Fill() (int, error)
    GetBranch(name string) Branch
    GetEntries() int64
    GetEntry(entry int64, getall int) int
    GetLeaf(name string) Leaf
    GetListOfBranches() []Branch
    GetListOfLeaves() []Leaf
    GetSelectedRows() int64
    GetVal(i int) []float64
    GetV1() []float64
    GetV2() []float64
    GetV3() []float64
    GetV4() []float64
    GetW() []float64
    LoadTree(entry int64) int64
    SetBranchAddress(name string, obj interface{}) int32
    SetBranchStatus(name string, status bool) uint32
    Write(name string, option, bufsize int) int


func NewTree Uses

func NewTree(name, title string, splitlevel int) Tree

type Version Uses

type Version int16

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