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Command brio-gen

Command brio-gen generates (un)marshaler code for types.

For each type given to brio-gen, marshaling and unmarshaling code will be generated so the types implement binary.Binary(Un)Marshaler.

- values are encoded using binary.LittleEndian,
- int and uint are encoded as (resp.) int64 and uint64,
- booleans are encoded as a single uint8 (0==false, 1==true),
- strings are encoded as a pair(uint64, []byte),
- arrays are encoded as a sequence of Ts, the length is implicit as it is
  part of the array type,
- slices are encoded as a pair(uint64, T...)
- pointers are encoded as *T (like encoding/gob)
- interfaces are not supported.

Usage: brio-gen [options]


$> brio-gen -p image -t Point -o image_brio.go
$> brio-gen -p go-hep.org/x/hep/hbook -t Dist0D,Dist1D,Dist2D -o foo_brio.go


-o string
  	output file name (default "brio_gen.go")
-p string
  	package import path
-t string
  	comma-separated list of type names

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