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Command root2arrow

root2arrow converts the content of a ROOT TTree to an ARROW file.

Usage of root2arrow:
  -o string
    	path to output ARROW file name (default "output.data")
    	enable ARROW stream (default is to create an ARROW file)
  -t string
    	name of the tree to convert (default "tree")

$> root2arrow -o foo.data -t tree ../../groot/testdata/simple.root
$> arrow-ls ./foo.data
version: V4
  fields: 3
    - one: type=int32
    - two: type=float32
    - three: type=utf8
records: 1
$> arrow-cat ./foo.data
version: V4
record 1/1...
  col[0] "one": [1 2 3 4]
  col[1] "two": [1.1 2.2 3.3 4.4]
  col[2] "three": ["uno" "dos" "tres" "quatro"]

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