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Command fads-rivet-mc-generic

fads-rivet-mc-generic is a command mirroring the MC_GENERIC analysis example from Rivet.

More informations about Rivet: https://rivet.hepforge.org/

fads-rivet-mc-generic reads HepMC events from some input file and runs a single task: mc-generic. mc-generic is modeled after Rivet's MC_GENERIC analysis (rivet/src/Analyses/MC_GENERIC.cc)

mc-generic selects final state particles passing some acceptance cuts (|eta|<5 && pt>0.5 GeV), and fills performance plots for these final state particles (and the sub-sample of the charged final state particles.)


$> curl -O -L http://www.hepforge.org/archive/rivet/Z-hadronic-LEP.hepmc
$> fads-rivet-mc-generic -nprocs=1 ./Z-hadronic-LEP.hepmc
::: fads-rivet-mc-generic...
app                  INFO workers done: 1/1
app                  INFO cpu: 6.115538196s
app                  INFO mem: alloc:          12997 kB
app                  INFO mem: tot-alloc:     751784 kB
app                  INFO mem: n-mallocs:    7300674
app                  INFO mem: n-frees:      7336526
app                  INFO mem: gc-pauses:          2 ms
::: fads-rivet-mc-generic... [done] (time=6.11575694s)

$> rio2yoda rivet.rio >| rivet.yoda

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