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package root

import "go-hep.org/x/hep/groot/root"

Package root defines ROOT core interfaces.


Package Files

datatypes.go root.go


const (
    Version = rvers.ROOT // ROOT version the groot library implements

type Array Uses

type Array interface {
    Len() int // number of array elements
    Get(i int) interface{}
    Set(i int, v interface{})

Array describes ROOT abstract array type.

type Collection Uses

type Collection interface {

    // Name returns the name of the collection.
    Name() string

    // Last returns the last element index
    Last() int

    // At returns the element at index i
    At(i int) Object

    // Len returns the number of elements in the collection
    Len() int

Collection is a collection of ROOT Objects.

type Double32 Uses

type Double32 float64

Double32 is a float64 in memory, written as a float32 to disk.

type Float16 Uses

type Float16 float32

Float16 is a float32 in memory, written with a truncated mantissa.

type List Uses

type List interface {

List is a list of ROOT Objects.

type Named Uses

type Named interface {

    // Name returns the name of this ROOT object
    Name() string

    // Title returns the title of this ROOT object
    Title() string

Named represents a ROOT TNamed object

type ObjArray Uses

type ObjArray interface {
    LowerBound() int

ObjArray is an array of ROOT Objects.

type ObjString Uses

type ObjString interface {
    Name() string
    String() string

ObjString is a ROOT string that implements ROOT TObject.

type Object Uses

type Object interface {
    // Class returns the ROOT class of this object
    Class() string

Object represents a ROOT object

type SeqCollection Uses

type SeqCollection interface {

SeqCollection is a sequential collection of ROOT Objects.

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