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package xrdfuse

import "go-hep.org/x/hep/xrootd/xrdfuse"

Package xrdfuse contains the implementation of the FUSE API accessing a remote filesystem served over the XRootD protocol.


Package Files

file.go xrdfuse.go

type ErrorHandler Uses

type ErrorHandler func(error)

ErrorHandler is the function which handles occurred error (e.g. logs it).

type FS Uses

type FS struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

FS implements a pathfs.FileSystem that makes requests to the remote server over the XRootD protocol.

func NewFS Uses

func NewFS(client *xrootd.Client, root string, handler ErrorHandler) *FS

NewFS returns a new path.FileSystem representing the filesystem on the remote XRootD server. client is a client connected to the remote XRootD server. root is the path to the remote directory to be used as a root directory. handler is the function which handles occurred error (e.g. logs it). If the handler is nil, then a default handler is used that does nothing.

func (*FS) Chmod Uses

func (fs *FS) Chmod(name string, mode uint32, ctx *fuse.Context) fuse.Status

Chmod implements pathfs.FileSystem.Chmod

func (*FS) GetAttr Uses

func (fs *FS) GetAttr(name string, ctx *fuse.Context) (*fuse.Attr, fuse.Status)

GetAttr implements pathfs.FileSystem.GetAttr

func (*FS) Mkdir Uses

func (fs *FS) Mkdir(name string, mode uint32, ctx *fuse.Context) fuse.Status

Mkdir implements pathfs.FileSystem.Mkdir

func (*FS) Mknod Uses

func (fs *FS) Mknod(name string, mode uint32, dev uint32, ctx *fuse.Context) fuse.Status

Mknod implements pathfs.FileSystem.Mknod

func (*FS) Open Uses

func (fs *FS) Open(name string, flags uint32, ctx *fuse.Context) (file nodefs.File, code fuse.Status)

Open implements pathfs.FileSystem.Open

func (*FS) OpenDir Uses

func (fs *FS) OpenDir(name string, ctx *fuse.Context) (c []fuse.DirEntry, code fuse.Status)

OpenDir implements pathfs.FileSystem.OpenDir

func (*FS) Rename Uses

func (fs *FS) Rename(oldName string, newName string, ctx *fuse.Context) fuse.Status

Rename implements pathfs.FileSystem.Rename

func (*FS) Rmdir Uses

func (fs *FS) Rmdir(name string, ctx *fuse.Context) fuse.Status

Rmdir implements pathfs.FileSystem.Rmdir

func (fs *FS) Unlink(name string, ctx *fuse.Context) fuse.Status

Unlink implements pathfs.FileSystem.Unlink

type File Uses

type File struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

File represents a file on the remote XRootD server.

func (*File) Flush Uses

func (f *File) Flush() (code fuse.Status)

Flush implements nodefs.File.Flush

func (*File) Fsync Uses

func (f *File) Fsync(flags int) (code fuse.Status)

Fsync implements nodefs.File.Fsync

func (*File) GetAttr Uses

func (f *File) GetAttr(out *fuse.Attr) fuse.Status

GetAttr implements nodefs.File.GetAttr

func (*File) Read Uses

func (f *File) Read(dest []byte, off int64) (fuse.ReadResult, fuse.Status)

Read implements nodefs.File.Read

func (*File) Release Uses

func (f *File) Release()

Release implements nodefs.File.Release

func (*File) Truncate Uses

func (f *File) Truncate(size uint64) fuse.Status

Truncate implements nodefs.File.Truncate

func (*File) Write Uses

func (f *File) Write(data []byte, off int64) (uint32, fuse.Status)

Write implements nodefs.File.Write

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