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package auth

import "go-hep.org/x/hep/xrootd/xrdproto/auth"

Package auth contains the structures describing auth request.


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const RequestID uint16 = 3000

RequestID is the id of the request, it is sent as part of message. See xrootd protocol specification for details: http://xrootd.org/doc/dev45/XRdv310.pdf, 2.3 Client Request Format.

type Auther Uses

type Auther interface {
    Provider() string                          // Provider returns the name of the security provider.
    Request(params []string) (*Request, error) // Request forms an authorization Request according to passed parameters.

Auther is the interface that must be implemented by a security provider.

type Request Uses

type Request struct {
    Type        [4]byte
    Credentials string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Request holds the auth request parameters.

func (Request) MarshalXrd Uses

func (o Request) MarshalXrd(wBuffer *xrdenc.WBuffer) error

MarshalXrd implements xrdproto.Marshaler.

func (*Request) ReqID Uses

func (req *Request) ReqID() uint16

ReqID implements xrdproto.Request.ReqID.

func (*Request) ShouldSign Uses

func (req *Request) ShouldSign() bool

ShouldSign implements xrdproto.Request.ShouldSign.

func (*Request) UnmarshalXrd Uses

func (o *Request) UnmarshalXrd(rBuffer *xrdenc.RBuffer) error

UnmarshalXrd implements xrdproto.Unmarshaler.


hostPackage host contains the implementation for the "host" security provider.
krb5Package krb5 contains the implementation of krb5 (Kerberos) security provider.
unixPackage unix contains the implementation of unix security provider.

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