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package write

import "go-hep.org/x/hep/xrootd/xrdproto/write"

Package write contains the structures describing write request. See xrootd protocol specification (http://xrootd.org/doc/dev45/XRdv310.pdf, p. 124) for details.


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const RequestID uint16 = 3019

RequestID is the id of the request, it is sent as part of message. See xrootd protocol specification for details: http://xrootd.org/doc/dev45/XRdv310.pdf, 2.3 Client Request Format.

type Request Uses

type Request struct {
    Handle xrdfs.FileHandle
    Offset int64

    Data []uint8
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Request holds write request parameters.

func (*Request) Direction Uses

func (o *Request) Direction() xrdproto.DataRequestDirection

PathID implements xrdproto.DataRequest.Direction.

func (Request) MarshalXrd Uses

func (req Request) MarshalXrd(wBuffer *xrdenc.WBuffer) error

MarshalXrd implements xrdproto.Marshaler.

func (*Request) PathData Uses

func (o *Request) PathData() []byte

PathID implements xrdproto.DataRequest.PathData.

func (*Request) PathID Uses

func (o *Request) PathID() xrdproto.PathID

PathID implements xrdproto.DataRequest.PathID.

func (*Request) ReqID Uses

func (req *Request) ReqID() uint16

ReqID implements xrdproto.Request.ReqID.

func (*Request) SetPathID Uses

func (o *Request) SetPathID(pathID xrdproto.PathID)

PathID implements xrdproto.DataRequest.SetPathID.

func (*Request) ShouldSign Uses

func (req *Request) ShouldSign() bool

ShouldSign implements xrdproto.Request.ShouldSign.

func (*Request) UnmarshalXrd Uses

func (req *Request) UnmarshalXrd(rBuffer *xrdenc.RBuffer) error

UnmarshalXrd implements xrdproto.Unmarshaler.

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