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package appcreds

import ""

Package appcreds contains utilities to generate and interact with Aporeto AppCredentials.


Package Files

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func Create Uses

func Create(ctx context.Context, m manipulate.Manipulator, namespace string, ac *gaia.AppCredential) error

Create generates a new CSR for the provided app credential and calls the upstream service using the supplied manipulator to provision the app credential. The returned credential will have the private key used to generate the CSR added back as an attribute. An error and a nil app cred reference is returned if CSR generation or the API call to the upstream service failed.

func New Uses

func New(ctx context.Context, m manipulate.Manipulator, namespace string, name string, roles []string, subnets []string) (*gaia.AppCredential, error)

New creates a new *gaia.AppCredential.

func NewWithAppCredential Uses

func NewWithAppCredential(ctx context.Context, m manipulate.Manipulator, template *gaia.AppCredential) (*gaia.AppCredential, error)

NewWithAppCredential creates a new *gaia.AppCredential from an *AppCredential Deprecated: use Create instead

func Renew Uses

func Renew(ctx context.Context, m manipulate.Manipulator, creds *gaia.AppCredential) (*gaia.AppCredential, error)

Renew renews the given appcred.

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