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package logutils

import ""

Package logutils contains an initializer to configure zap.


Package Files

doc.go log.go sigtrap.go

func Configure Uses

func Configure(level string, format string) zap.Config

Configure configures the shared default logger.

func ConfigureWithName Uses

func ConfigureWithName(serviceName string, level string, format string) zap.Config

ConfigureWithName configures the shared default logger.

func ConfigureWithOptions Uses

func ConfigureWithOptions(level string, format string, file string, fileOnly bool, prettyTimestamp bool) zap.Config

ConfigureWithOptions configures the shared default logger with options such as file and timestamp formats.

func SetOutput Uses

func SetOutput(w zapcore.WriteSyncer, conf zap.Config) zap.Option

SetOutput returns the zap option with the new sync writer

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