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package x509extensions

import ""


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func Controller Uses

func Controller() asn1.ObjectIdentifier

Controller returns the OID for controller extensions. The extension allows encoding a URI of a controller.

func IdentityTags Uses

func IdentityTags() asn1.ObjectIdentifier

IdentityTags returns the OID for identity tags extensions. The extension contents are a JSON encoded slice of strings. Each string is in the form key=value.

func MaximumIssuedTokenValidity Uses

func MaximumIssuedTokenValidity() asn1.ObjectIdentifier

MaximumIssuedTokenValidity returns the OID for maximum issued token validity extension. The extension allows specifying a time duration. The content is a string in the form of '30s', '15m', '1h' or '4d'

func Ping Uses

func Ping() asn1.ObjectIdentifier

Ping returns the OID for ping extension. The extension allows indicating the cert is for ping.

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