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package common

import ""


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events.go service.go


const (
    // TriremeCgroupPath is the standard Trireme cgroup path
    TriremeCgroupPath = "/trireme/"

    // TriremeUIDCgroupPath is the standard path for UID based activations
    TriremeUIDCgroupPath = "/trireme_uid/"

    // TriremeDockerHostNetwork is the path for Docker HostNetwork container based activations
    TriremeDockerHostNetwork = "/trireme_docker_hostnet/"

    // TriremeSocket is the standard API server Trireme socket path
    TriremeSocket = "/var/run/trireme.sock"


var (
    // EventMap used for validations
    EventMap = map[Event]*struct{}{
        "start":   nil,
        "stop":    nil,
        "update":  nil,
        "create":  nil,
        "destroy": nil,
        "pause":   nil,
        "unpause": nil,
        "resync":  nil,

func ConvertServicesToPortList Uses

func ConvertServicesToPortList(services []Service) string

ConvertServicesToPortList converts an array of services to a port list

func ConvertServicesToProtocolPortList Uses

func ConvertServicesToProtocolPortList(services []Service) (string, string)

ConvertServicesToProtocolPortList converts an array of services to tcp/udp port list

type Event Uses

type Event string

Event represents the event picked up by the monitor.

const (
    EventStart   Event = "start"
    EventStop    Event = "stop"
    EventUpdate  Event = "update"
    EventCreate  Event = "create"
    EventDestroy Event = "destroy"
    EventPause   Event = "pause"
    EventUnpause Event = "unpause"
    EventResync  Event = "resync"

Values of the events

type EventHandler Uses

type EventHandler func(ctx context.Context, event *EventInfo) error

A EventHandler is type of event handler functions.

type EventInfo Uses

type EventInfo struct {

    // EventType refers to one of the standard events that Trireme handles.
    EventType Event `json:"eventtype,omitempty"`

    // PUType is the the type of the PU
    PUType PUType `json:"putype,omitempty"`

    // The PUID is a unique value for the Processing Unit. Ideally this should be the UUID.
    PUID string `json:"puid,omitempty"`

    // The Name is a user-friendly name for the Processing Unit.
    Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`

    // The Executable is the executable name  for the Processing Unit.
    Executable string `json:"executable,omitempty"`

    // Tags represents the set of MetadataTags associated with this PUID.
    Tags []string `json:"tags,omitempty"`

    // The path for the Network Namespace.
    NS  string `json:"namespace,omitempty"`

    // Cgroup is the path to the cgroup - used for deletes
    Cgroup string `json:"cgroup,omitempty"`

    // IPs is a map of all the IPs that fully belong to this processing Unit.
    IPs map[string]string `json:"ipaddressesutype,omitempty"`

    // Services is a list of services of interest - for host control
    Services []Service `json:"services,omitempty"`

    // The PID is the PID on the system where this Processing Unit is running.
    PID int32 `json:"pid,omitempty"`

    // HostService indicates that the request is for the root namespace
    HostService bool `json:"hostservice,omitempty"`

    // AutoPort indicates that the PU will have auto port feature enabled
    AutoPort bool `json:"autoport,omitempty"`

    // NetworkOnlyTraffic indicates that traffic towards the applications must be controlled.
    NetworkOnlyTraffic bool `json:"networktrafficonly,omitempty"`

    // Root indicates that this request is coming from a roor user. Its overwritten by the enforcer
    Root bool `json:"root,omitempty"`

EventInfo is a generic structure that defines all the information related to a PU event. EventInfo should be used as a normalized struct container that

type EventResponse Uses

type EventResponse struct {
    Error string

EventResponse encapsulate the error response if any.

type PUType Uses

type PUType int

PUType defines the PU type

const (
    // ContainerPU indicates that this PU is a container
    ContainerPU PUType = iota
    // LinuxProcessPU indicates that this is Linux process
    // HostPU is a host wrapping PU
    // HostNetworkPU is a PU for a network service in a host
    // KubernetesPU indicates that this is KubernetesPod
    // UIDLoginPU -- PU representing a user session
    // SSHSessionPU -- PU representing a ssh session
    // TransientPU PU -- placeholder to run processing. This should not
    // be inserted in any cache. This is valid only for processing a packet

type Service Uses

type Service struct {
    // Ports are the corresponding ports
    Ports *portspec.PortSpec `json:"ports,omitempty"`

    // Port is the service port. This has been deprecated and will be removed in later releases 01/13/2018
    Port uint16

    // Protocol is the protocol number
    Protocol uint8 `json:"protocol,omitempty"`

    // Addresses are the IP addresses. An empty list means
    Addresses []*net.IPNet `json:"addresses,omitempty"`

    // FQDNs is the list of FQDNs for the service.
    FQDNs []string `json:"fqdns,omitempty"`

Service is a protocol/port service of interest - used to pass user requests

type State Uses

type State int

A State describes the state of the PU.

const (
    // StateStarted is the state of a started PU.
    StateStarted State = iota + 1

    // StateStopped is the state of stopped PU.

    // StatePaused is the state of a paused PU.

    // StateDestroyed is the state of destroyed PU.

    // StateUnknwown is the state of PU in an unknown state.

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