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package afinetrawsocket

import ""


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const (
    // RawSocketMark is the mark asserted on all packet sent out of this socket
    RawSocketMark = 0x63
    // NetworkRawSocketMark is the mark on packet egressing
    //the raw socket coming in from network
    NetworkRawSocketMark = 0x40000063
    //ApplicationRawSocketMark is the mark on packet egressing
    //the raw socket coming from application
    ApplicationRawSocketMark = 0x40000062

type SocketWriter Uses

type SocketWriter interface {
    WriteSocket(buf []byte, version packet.IPver) error

SocketWriter interface exposes an interface to write and close sockets

func CreateSocket Uses

func CreateSocket(mark int, deviceName string) (SocketWriter, error)

CreateSocket returns a handle to SocketWriter interface

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