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package processmon

import ""

Package processmon is to manage and monitor remote enforcers.


Package Files

interfaces.go processmon.go

type ProcessManager Uses

type ProcessManager interface {
    KillProcess(contextID string)
    LaunchProcess(contextID string, refPid int, refNsPath string, rpchdl rpcwrapper.RPCClient, arg string, statssecret string, procMountPoint string) (bool, error)
    SetLogParameters(logToConsole, logWithID bool, logLevel string, logFormat string, compressedTags claimsheader.CompressionType)
    SetRuntimeErrorChannel(e chan *policy.RuntimeError)

ProcessManager interface exposes methods implemented by a processmon

func GetProcessManagerHdl Uses

func GetProcessManagerHdl() ProcessManager

GetProcessManagerHdl returns a process manager handle.



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