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package supervisornoop

import ""

Package supervisornoop implements the supervisor interface with no operations. This is currently being used in two places: 1. for the supervisor proxy that actually does not need to take any action as a complement to the enforcer proxy 2. for enforcer implementations that do not need a supervisor to program the networks (e.g. the remote envoy authorizer enforcer)


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type NoopSupervisor Uses

type NoopSupervisor struct{}

NoopSupervisor is a struct to hold the implementation of the Supervisor interface

func NewNoopSupervisor Uses

func NewNoopSupervisor() *NoopSupervisor

NewNoopSupervisor creates a new noop supervisor

func (*NoopSupervisor) CleanUp Uses

func (s *NoopSupervisor) CleanUp() error

CleanUp implements the cleanup interface, but it doesn't need to do anything.

func (*NoopSupervisor) EnableIPTablesPacketTracing Uses

func (s *NoopSupervisor) EnableIPTablesPacketTracing(ctx context.Context, contextID string, interval time.Duration) error

EnableIPTablesPacketTracing enable iptables tracing

func (*NoopSupervisor) Run Uses

func (s *NoopSupervisor) Run(ctx context.Context) error

Run runs the proxy supervisor and initializes the cleaners.

func (*NoopSupervisor) SetTargetNetworks Uses

func (s *NoopSupervisor) SetTargetNetworks(cfg *runtime.Configuration) error

SetTargetNetworks sets the target networks in case of an update

func (*NoopSupervisor) Supervise Uses

func (s *NoopSupervisor) Supervise(contextID string, puInfo *policy.PUInfo) error

Supervise just keeps track of the active remotes so that it can initiate updates.

func (*NoopSupervisor) Unsupervise Uses

func (s *NoopSupervisor) Unsupervise(contextID string) error

Unsupervise just keeps track of the active remotes so

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