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package frontman

import ""


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const (
    FilterActionContinue = iota // see frontmanIO.h
const (
    BytesMatchStartIpHeader = iota + 1 // see frontmanIO.h


var (

    // Frontman procs needed for app proxy. The pattern to follow is
    // - call FrontmanGetDestInfo to get original ip/port
    // - create new proxy socket
    // - call FrontmanApplyDestHandle to update WFP redirect data
    // - connect on the new proxy socket
    // - free kernel data by calling FrontmanFreeDestHandle
    GetDestInfoProc     = driverDll.NewProc("FrontmanGetDestInfo")
    ApplyDestHandleProc = driverDll.NewProc("FrontmanApplyDestHandle")
    FreeDestHandleProc  = driverDll.NewProc("FrontmanFreeDestHandle")

    NewIpsetProc         = driverDll.NewProc("IpsetProvider_NewIpset")
    GetIpsetProc         = driverDll.NewProc("IpsetProvider_GetIpset")
    DestroyAllIpsetsProc = driverDll.NewProc("IpsetProvider_DestroyAll")
    ListIpsetsProc       = driverDll.NewProc("IpsetProvider_ListIPSets")
    IpsetAddProc         = driverDll.NewProc("Ipset_Add")
    IpsetAddOptionProc   = driverDll.NewProc("Ipset_AddOption")
    IpsetDeleteProc      = driverDll.NewProc("Ipset_Delete")
    IpsetDestroyProc     = driverDll.NewProc("Ipset_Destroy")
    IpsetFlushProc       = driverDll.NewProc("Ipset_Flush")
    IpsetTestProc        = driverDll.NewProc("Ipset_Test")

    PacketFilterStartProc   = driverDll.NewProc("PacketFilterStart")
    PacketFilterCloseProc   = driverDll.NewProc("PacketFilterClose")
    PacketFilterForwardProc = driverDll.NewProc("PacketFilterForwardPacket")

    AppendFilterProc         = driverDll.NewProc("AppendFilter")
    InsertFilterProc         = driverDll.NewProc("InsertFilter")
    DestroyFilterProc        = driverDll.NewProc("DestroyFilter")
    EmptyFilterProc          = driverDll.NewProc("EmptyFilter")
    GetFilterListProc        = driverDll.NewProc("GetFilterList")
    AppendFilterCriteriaProc = driverDll.NewProc("AppendFilterCriteria")
    DeleteFilterCriteriaProc = driverDll.NewProc("DeleteFilterCriteria")

func GetDriverHandle Uses

func GetDriverHandle() (uintptr, error)

type DestInfo Uses

type DestInfo struct {
    IpAddr     *uint16 // WCHAR* IPAddress		Destination address allocated and will be free by FrontmanFreeDestHandle
    Port       uint16  // USHORT Port			Destination port
    Outbound   int32   // INT32 Outbound		Whether or not this is an outbound or inbound connection
    ProcessId  uint64  // UINT64 ProcessId		Process id.  Only available for outbound connections
    DestHandle uintptr // LPVOID DestHandle		Handle to memory that must be freed by called ProxyDestConnected when connection is established.

type IpsetRuleSpec Uses

type IpsetRuleSpec struct {
    NotIpset     uint8
    IpsetDstIp   uint8
    IpsetDstPort uint8
    IpsetSrcIp   uint8
    IpsetSrcPort uint8
    Reserved1    uint8
    Reserved2    uint8
    Reserved3    uint8
    IpsetName    uintptr // const wchar_t*

type LogPacketInfo Uses

type LogPacketInfo struct {
    Ipv4       uint8
    Protocol   uint8
    Outbound   uint8
    Reserved1  uint8
    LocalPort  uint16
    RemotePort uint16
    LocalAddr  [4]uint32
    RemoteAddr [4]uint32
    PacketSize uint32
    GroupId    uint32
    LogPrefix  [64]uint16

type PacketInfo Uses

type PacketInfo struct {
    Ipv4                         uint8
    Protocol                     uint8
    Outbound                     uint8
    Drop                         uint8
    IgnoreFlow                   uint8
    Reserved1                    uint8
    Reserved2                    uint8
    Reserved3                    uint8
    LocalPort                    uint16
    RemotePort                   uint16
    LocalAddr                    [4]uint32
    RemoteAddr                   [4]uint32
    IfIdx                        uint32
    SubIfIdx                     uint32
    PacketSize                   uint32
    Mark                         uint32
    StartTimeReceivedFromNetwork uint64
    StartTimeSentToUserLand      uint64

type PortRange Uses

type PortRange struct {
    PortStart uint16
    PortEnd   uint16

type RuleSpec Uses

type RuleSpec struct {
    Action            uint8
    Log               uint8
    Protocol          uint8
    ProtocolSpecified uint8
    IcmpType          uint8
    IcmpTypeSpecified uint8
    IcmpCode          uint8
    IcmpCodeSpecified uint8
    AleAuthConnect    uint8 // not used by us
    Reserved1         uint8
    Reserved2         uint8
    Reserved3         uint8
    ProxyPort         uint16
    BytesMatchStart   int16 // See frontmanIO.h for BYTESMATCH defines.
    BytesMatchOffset  int32
    BytesMatchSize    int32
    BytesMatch        *byte
    Mark              uint32
    GroupId           uint32
    SrcPortCount      int32
    DstPortCount      int32
    SrcPorts          *PortRange
    DstPorts          *PortRange
    LogPrefix         uintptr // const wchar_t*
    Application       uintptr // const wchar_t*

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