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package zapx

import ""


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fields.go option.go zapx.go

func FieldSet Uses

func FieldSet(key string, fields ...zap.Field) zap.Field

FieldSet allows logging of sets of fields as a log object TODO: not as performant as testdata.Obj for some reason, need to look into why

func New Uses

func New(logpath string, dev bool, opts ...Option) (l *zap.Logger, err error)

New creates a default zap logger based with basic defaults. If `logpath` is set, will use json encoder and write to the provided filepath. If `dev` is true, will use zap.DevelopmentConfig with colors enabled, though if logpath is set, the json encoder (without colors) will be enforced. If `dev` is false, will use zap.ProductionConfig.

type FieldSetMarshaller Uses

type FieldSetMarshaller interface {
    Fields() []zap.Field

FieldSetMarshaller is the underlying type used by zapx.Fields()

type Option Uses

type Option func(*zap.Config) error

Option denotes an option for the zapx constructor

func OnlyToFile Uses

func OnlyToFile() Option

OnlyToFile removes all other outputs and only writes to file

func WithDebug Uses

func WithDebug(debug bool) Option

WithDebug sets log level to debug if given bool is true

func WithFields Uses

func WithFields(fields map[string]interface{}) Option

WithFields sets initial fields in the configuration


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