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package zgcp

import ""

Package zgcp provides log extensions and hooks for Google Cloud Platform services.

TODO: examples


Package Files

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func NewErrorReportingLogger Uses

func NewErrorReportingLogger(
    l *zap.Logger,
    service ServiceConfig,
    fields Fields,
    debug bool,
    opts ...option.ClientOption,
) (*zap.Logger, error)

NewErrorReportingLogger attaches the GCP Stackdriver Error Reporting client to the given zap logger. See

type Fields Uses

type Fields struct {
    UserKey    string
    RequestKey string

Fields defines special fields to parse out of a set of Zap fields. If empty, then will be ignored.

type ServiceConfig Uses

type ServiceConfig struct {
    ProjectID string
    Name      string
    Version   string

ServiceConfig defines configuration for a Google Cloud Platform service

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