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package public_replication

import ""


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type PublicReplication Uses

type PublicReplication struct {
    PublicFields         *field_mask.FieldMask `protobuf:"bytes,1,opt,name=public_fields,json=publicFields,proto3" json:"public_fields,omitempty"`
    XXX_NoUnkeyedLiteral struct{}              `json:"-"`
    XXX_unrecognized     []byte                `json:"-"`
    XXX_sizecache        int32                 `json:"-"`

Configures which fields in a ConfigBundle are made public.

Any message in a ConfigBundle that has a PublicReplication message as a field will have the fields specified by the public_fields FieldMask made public. For example, consider the ConfigBundle:

software_configs {

audio_configs {
  card_name: "testcard"
  private_field: "secretA"
  public_replication {
    public_fields {
      paths: "card_name"


"card_name" will be made public, "private_field" will not be.

A few notes: - Currently PublicReplication just wraps a FieldMask. This is done so that

it can be discovered via proto reflection without accidentally using
FieldMasks that are not meant to control public fields.

- In FieldMasks a repeated field is only allowed in the last position of a

path (
Using a single FieldMask for a ConfigBundle would not be very useful, since
more granularity is needed (i.e. saying all or none of
"software_configs" is public is not useful). Thus, FieldMasks to control
public fields are specified in child messages of ConfigBundle.

func (*PublicReplication) Descriptor Uses

func (*PublicReplication) Descriptor() ([]byte, []int)

func (*PublicReplication) GetPublicFields Uses

func (m *PublicReplication) GetPublicFields() *field_mask.FieldMask

func (*PublicReplication) ProtoMessage Uses

func (*PublicReplication) ProtoMessage()

func (*PublicReplication) Reset Uses

func (m *PublicReplication) Reset()

func (*PublicReplication) String Uses

func (m *PublicReplication) String() string

func (*PublicReplication) XXX_DiscardUnknown Uses

func (m *PublicReplication) XXX_DiscardUnknown()

func (*PublicReplication) XXX_Marshal Uses

func (m *PublicReplication) XXX_Marshal(b []byte, deterministic bool) ([]byte, error)

func (*PublicReplication) XXX_Merge Uses

func (m *PublicReplication) XXX_Merge(src proto.Message)

func (*PublicReplication) XXX_Size Uses

func (m *PublicReplication) XXX_Size() int

func (*PublicReplication) XXX_Unmarshal Uses

func (m *PublicReplication) XXX_Unmarshal(b []byte) error

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