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package shared

import "go.chromium.org/chromiumos/infra/go/internal/shared"


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var (
    // Give longer timeout than default to for gitiles quota issues (~5 minutes).
    LongerOpts = Options{BaseDelay: 5 * time.Second, BackoffBase: 2.0, Retries: 5}
    // The default timeout (~30 seconds).
    DefaultOpts = Options{BaseDelay: time.Second, BackoffBase: 2.0, Retries: 5}

func DoWithRetry Uses

func DoWithRetry(ctx context.Context, retryOpts Options, doFunc DoFunc) error

DoWithRetry executes function doFunc. If there is an error, it will retry with a backoff delay until max retry times reached or context done. If retryOpts.Retries == 0, it will execute doFunc just once without any retries. If retryOpts.Retries < 0, it retries an infinite number of times.

type DoFunc Uses

type DoFunc func() error

DoFunc is a function type that can be retried by DoWithRetry if the return error is not nil.

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    BaseDelay   time.Duration // backoff base delay.
    BackoffBase float64       // base for exponential backoff
    Retries     int           // allowed number of retries.

Options wraps retry options.

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