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package gcs

import ""

Package gcs provides cache service by google cloud storage.


Package Files

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type AdmissionController Uses

type AdmissionController interface {
    AdmitPut(context.Context, *pb.PutReq) error

AdmissionController checks incoming request.

type Cache Uses

type Cache struct {
    AdmissionController AdmissionController
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Cache represents key-value cache using google cloud storage.

func New Uses

func New(bkt *storage.BucketHandle) *Cache

New creates new cache.

func (*Cache) Get Uses

func (c *Cache) Get(ctx context.Context, in *pb.GetReq) (*pb.GetResp, error)

func (*Cache) Put Uses

func (c *Cache) Put(ctx context.Context, in *pb.PutReq) (*pb.PutResp, error)

func (*Cache) Stats Uses

func (c *Cache) Stats() Stats

type Stats Uses

type Stats struct {
    Hits int64
    Gets int64

Stats represents stats of gcs.Cache. TODO: use opencensus stats, view.

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