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package command

import ""

Package command manages commands/toolchains.


Package Files

configmap.go doc.go fake_storage.go


var (

    // DefaultViews are the default views provided by this package.
    // You need to register the view for data to actually be collected.
    DefaultViews = []*view.View{
            Description: "configmap pubsub error",
            Measure:     pubsubErrors,
            Aggregation: view.LastValue(),
var ErrNoUpdate = errors.New("toolchain: configmap no update")

ErrNoUpdate indicates no update in configmap, returned by ConfigMapLoader.Load.

type ConfigLoader Uses

type ConfigLoader struct {
    StorageClient stiface.Client
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ConfigLoader loads toolchain_config from cloud storage.

func (*ConfigLoader) Load Uses

func (c *ConfigLoader) Load(ctx context.Context, uri string, rc *cmdpb.RuntimeConfig) ([]*cmdpb.Config, error)

Load loads toolchain config from <uri>. It sets rc.ServiceAddr as target addr.

type ConfigMap Uses

type ConfigMap interface {
    // Watcher returns config map watcher.
    Watcher(ctx context.Context) ConfigMapWatcher

    // Seqs returns a map of config name to sequence.
    Seqs(ctx context.Context) (map[string]string, error)

    // Bucket returns toolchain-config bucket.
    Bucket(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

    // RuntimeConfigs returns a map of RuntimeConfigs.
    RuntimeConfigs(ctx context.Context) (map[string]*cmdpb.RuntimeConfig, error)

ConfigMap is an interface to access toolchain config map.

type ConfigMapBucket Uses

type ConfigMapBucket struct {
    // URI of config data.
    // gs://<bucket>/<config>.config
    // e.g. gs://$project-toolchain-config/$name.config
    URI          string
    PubsubClient *pubsub.Client

    // StorageClient is an interface for accessing Cloud Storage. It can
    // be a Cloud Storage client or a fake for testing.
    StorageClient stiface.Client

    // SubscriberID should be unique per each server instance
    // to get notification in every server instance.
    SubscriberID string

    // Remoteexec API address, if RBE API is used.
    // Otherwise, use service_addr in RuntimeConfig proto.
    RemoteexecAddr string

ConfigMapBucket access config on cloud storage bucket.

<bucket> is <project>-toolchain-config. in the <bucket>

<config>.config: text proto ConfigMap

         seq: text, sequence number.
         <prebuilt-item>/descriptors/<descriptorHash>: proto CmdDescriptor
         remoteexec-platform/<property-name>: text, property-value

<bucket> might have several <config>.config, and each config might have different set of runtime etc.

Watcher watches */seq files via default notification topic on the bucket. Seqs and RuntimeConfigs will read <config>.config everytime.

func (ConfigMapBucket) Bucket Uses

func (c ConfigMapBucket) Bucket(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

func (ConfigMapBucket) RuntimeConfigs Uses

func (c ConfigMapBucket) RuntimeConfigs(ctx context.Context) (map[string]*cmdpb.RuntimeConfig, error)

func (ConfigMapBucket) Seqs Uses

func (c ConfigMapBucket) Seqs(ctx context.Context) (map[string]string, error)

func (ConfigMapBucket) Watcher Uses

func (c ConfigMapBucket) Watcher(ctx context.Context) ConfigMapWatcher

type ConfigMapLoader Uses

type ConfigMapLoader struct {
    ConfigMap    ConfigMap
    ConfigLoader ConfigLoader
    ConfigStore  ConfigStore

ConfigMapLoader loads toolchain_config config map.

ConfigMap provides Watcher, Seqs, Bucket and RuntimeConfigs.

if seq is updated from last load, it will load CmdDescriptor from <bucket>/<runtime>/<prebuilt_item>/descriptors/<descriptorHash>.

also loads platform properties for remoteexec API from <bucket>/<runtime>/remoteexec-platform/<property-name>.

func (*ConfigMapLoader) Load Uses

func (c *ConfigMapLoader) Load(ctx context.Context) (*cmdpb.ConfigResp, error)

Load loads toolchain config. It will return ErrNoUpdate if there is no seq change.

type ConfigMapWatcher Uses

type ConfigMapWatcher interface {
    // Next waits for some updates in config map.
    Next(ctx context.Context) error

    // Close closes the watcher.
    Close() error

ConfigMapWatcher is an interface to watch config map.

type ConfigStore Uses

type ConfigStore struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ConfigStore holds latest config.

func (*ConfigStore) ConfigResp Uses

func (c *ConfigStore) ConfigResp() *cmdpb.ConfigResp

ConfigResp returns current ConfigResp.

func (*ConfigStore) Delete Uses

func (c *ConfigStore) Delete(name string)

Delete deletes name's config.

func (*ConfigStore) List Uses

func (c *ConfigStore) List() []string

List returns a list of config names.

func (*ConfigStore) Seq Uses

func (c *ConfigStore) Seq(name string) string

Seq returns seq of name's config.

func (*ConfigStore) Set Uses

func (c *ConfigStore) Set(name, seq string, confs []*cmdpb.Config)

Set sets name's confs with seq.


descriptorPackage descriptor provides command descriptor utilities.
descriptor/posixpathPackage posixpath handles posix-path (Unix style; slash separeted path).
descriptor/winpathPackage winpath handles windows-path (backslash separated path).
normalizerPackage normalizer provides functions to normalize target.
pathconvPackage pathconv provides path converter between client and server.

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