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package gaesigner

import ""

Package gaesigner implements signing.Signer interface using GAE App Identity API.


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type Signer Uses

type Signer struct{}

Signer implements signing.Signer using GAE App Identity API.

func (Signer) Certificates Uses

func (Signer) Certificates(ctx context.Context) (*signing.PublicCertificates, error)

Certificates returns a bundle with public certificates for all active keys.

func (Signer) ServiceInfo Uses

func (Signer) ServiceInfo(ctx context.Context) (*signing.ServiceInfo, error)

ServiceInfo returns information about the current service.

It includes app ID and the service account name (that ultimately owns the signing private key).

func (Signer) SignBytes Uses

func (Signer) SignBytes(ctx context.Context, blob []byte) (keyName string, signature []byte, err error)

SignBytes signs the blob with some active private key.

Returns the signature and name of the key used.

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